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Full-Scope Optometric Care

At SoLo Eye Care, we offer a wide range of services from comprehensive examinations for children to minor adult surgical procedures.  We utilize the absolute latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic technology and peer reviewed therapeutic measures to provide personalized eye care to you and your family.

Comprehensive Care

State of the art comprehensive care tailored to your individual needs

Our doctors will carefully address your visual demands and provide unique solutions utilizing glasses, contacts, and surgical options. Further evaluation continues with an assessment of your ocular health, which includes screenings for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other common ocular diseases. SoLo utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide all these benefits while being air-puff and dilation-free in a comfortable environment. 

Myopia Management.png
Myopia Management

Modern solutions designed to slow your child's developing vision

SoLo Eye Care is proud to have doctors passionate about treating and preventing future myopia (near-sightedness) in our young patients. 

  • Myopia Management Options:

  • Orthokeratology lenses

  • MiSight daily disposable lenses 

  • Atropine


SoLo also is participating in a MiSight's FDA efficacy study for myopia management. Please call us for more details

Vision Therapy.png
Vison Therapy

Training your eyes to adapt to your modern visual needs

Our doctors strive to create a clear and comfortable vision for all of our patients and are proud to offer vision therapy services to those who may need it. Vision therapy is a sequence of neurosensory and neuromuscular activities used to develop, rehabilitate, and enhance visual skills and processing. Our residency-trained doctors use the latest in peer-reviewed research to build vision therapy programs tailored to your individual needs.

Emergency & Medical Care

Doctors trained to handle any of your medical eye urgencies

Our doctors are trained and ready to provide you with the urgent care you need. Acute Conditions Include:

  • Red and/or painful eye(s)

  • Trauma to the eye or eyelids

  • Sudden changes in vision

  • Flashes of light or floaters in vision​


Additionally, our doctors are experts in the treatment of many chronic diseases including keratoconus, dry eye, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy

Dry Eye-01_edited_edited.png
Dry Eye Treatment

Advanced solutions targeting the underlining cause of your dry eyes

Dry eye disease is a chronic and progressive eye condition that is becoming more prevalent with today's digital world. Our doctors are well versed with the latest in peer-reviewed techniques, medications, and procedures to provide you the relief you need.  


Our Dry Eye Procedures Include:​

  • TearCare

  • BlephEx

LASIK Consultation

Pre & Post procedure service to ensure an optimal outcome

We are proud to offer co-management services for the leading corneal-refractive ophthalmologist is the Chicagoland area. We will provide guidance in deciding which refractive procedure is best for you and be there every step of the way, whether it be LASIK, SMILE, PRK, or ICL implantation.

Contact Lenses

Advance contact lens solutions specific to your visual demands

SoLo Eye Care is home to several industry-leading contact lens specialists. Our doctors utilize the latest in technology and peer-reviewed products to deliver the best contact lens solutions for all our patients.


Contact Lenses Available at SoLo:

  • Orthokeratology Lenses

  • Bifocal/Multifocal Lenses

  • Scleral Lenses 

  • SynergEyes Hybrid Lenses

Keratoconus Treatment

In house specialists delivering the latest in management options

Keratoconus is an ocular disorder that occurs when the normally round cornea becomes thin and irregularly shaped. The irregular shape causes distortion in vision. Our doctors at SoLo Eye Care are passionate about providing for or kertoconic patients offering services like corneal crosslinking and sceral lens fitting.

Cataract Consultation

Advocating for your visual needs with our trusted ophthalmic partner

We are proud to offer co-management services for the leading cataract ophthalmologist is the Chicagoland area. Cataracts surgery has become more advanced and safer than ever before. Our doctors will be there every step of the way to ensure optimal outcomes.

Get in touch

Our team is happy to help should you have any questions about the services we provide our patients. 

Call or Text Us: 312-588-5999

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